• Orwood Calamari Strips
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  • Orwood Fish Taco
  • Orwood Juicy Burger
  • Orwood Peach Cobbler

Our photos are taken when we review the restaurant. They are not 'professionally' styled as we want you to see the food as we see it!

Orwood Resort, Brentwood

This is a delta favorite! Located a few miles from Discovery Bay, just off of Indian Slough, the Orwood Resort is more than boating and camping. Home of the world famous “Okie Taco”, Orwood boasts a full-service restaurant and bar specializing in home-style cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Being local; the "Dishin' on the Delta" team is all too familiar with the delicious Steak and Lobster dinner specials for $19.99 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so we set out to sample an everyday lunch at Orwood. We chose mid-week, when the boating enthusiasts were fewer, and the campgrounds were yet to fill. We already knew of the five-star weekend experience, so we put the off-day to its test.

We started with an appetizer:

• We ordered the Calamari Strips appetizer for $10.99, with a side sauce of Chipotle Relish. Crisp, tender and filling as a starter, it received 4 thumbs up.

Orwood also boasts excellent, fresh salads.

Our salad was newly introduced to the menu, the “Delta Blue”; hickory smoked bacon, glazed walnuts, crumpled bleu cheese, cranberries tossed with mixed greens in a house made dressing. A definite keeper, the Delta Blue was savory and refreshing, and made for a perfect afternoon salad. Serving size was very generous. Cost $10.99.

The menu features burgers, sandwiches, seafood and pastas. Our shared entrees were Fish Tacos and a Juicy Burger:

• Not being a fish taco fan, I wasn't sure I would even taste this: two crispy tacos with deep fried cod and pico de gallo, but this was one tasty fish with a spicy flair. I’m a fan! It was delicious. Our sides included hot rice and beans.

• The Juicy Burger was a huge half-pound event! Lean ground beef, grilled onions, garnished with lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, with Monterey jack cheese on a French roll, and a side of creamy Ranch dressing, for about $11.00. Nothing average here. Big portions, tons of flavor. Complimented with large onion rings, this was a winning combination.

Although we don't generally have dessert with lunch, co-owner Cindy Caprio insisted:

• Rounding out our midday meal with dessert, we shared a Peach Cobbler with a caramel glaze atop vanilla ice cream. It was warm. It was homemade. It was perfection. To be honest, this wasn’t on the menu that afternoon, but Cindy surprised us with her homemade recipe. If you ask about dessert, and they say they have Peach Cobbler, choose nothing else.

Our lunch trip was definitely an afternoon delight. It’s a great break from your work week environment, casual dining, covered outdoor seating to enjoy the delta, and a relaxing lunch setting for anyone.


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